Our journey begins

This is the first post on our blog for “Mangia – I Love You!” 

Mom and I put togther this cookbook originally in 1994 as a compilation of recipes that went back to my great grandmother in Sicily, recipes we had created over the years, and recipes from family and friends.  Back then it was a labor of love to put in writing those many recipes that up until that point existed only between someones two ears.  The first publishing went out without any testing or edits and only to family and friends.  The second version came out with some edits, but still, recipes had not been tested.

A few years back Mom and I decided it was time to get it published, and that would require testing recipes and edits.  So the process began, and now, many months and edits later – we are in the final stretch.

We hope to have it ready for the publisher by November -we are very excited to be at this stage with the book!

We will keep you updated as we go, and will share recipes along the way.

We hope you enjoy this blog.  Thank you for your support in our journey!

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