The Cookbook is ALMOST done. . .

Who knew that getting a cookbook published would be so much work? After testing recipes came proofing, editing, more proofing and more editing. Then there was finalizing the title, designing the cover, writing the introduction,and choosing the layout. I’m sure by now my family has been wondering why I make such a fuss every time one of these pieces is completed. After all, it seems so simple! I thought so too until I got down to doing the work. For a long time it frustrated me that it wasn’t getting done faster. Somewhere around March Of this year   I decided to surrender to it, stop pressuring myself to finish, and just focus on giving it my best.

It was around that same time it occurred to me that this is my gift to my mom. Completing the cookbook with grace and excellence is how she would want it – kind of how she liked to cook!

Keep an eye out – I’ll be sharing the cover soon!


“Here’s to cooking, eating, laughing and loving!”

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3 Responses to The Cookbook is ALMOST done. . .

  1. retromom64 says:

    Vicki, your cover picture caught my breath, your mom was such a special soul and I think of her so often. I love the “first” edition and can’t wait to get a copy of this one! Will it be sold in all book stores or only on-line? I look forward to your next post! Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for the feedback! That is a picture of us when we went to Italy together in 2004 near the town when Grandma and Grandpa Amico lived.

      The book will be out on Amazon shortly – available in hard copy as well as Kindle version. When it is, I’ll for sure let you know.

      Thank you for following!


  2. harryandcynthia says:

    Hi Sis – I love it – the cover is a terrific collage and the writing of the book and hard work you’ve put into it is one of the most wonderful tributes to Mom that I can imagine. You’re fantastic!
    I love you,

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