The Cover

Just got the proof of the cover from the publisher – what do you think? Please send me your thoughts and feedback.



“Here’s to cooking, eating, laughing and loving!”

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8 Responses to The Cover

  1. I love the cover, did you cook the dishes represented? I’m glad your on the home stretch with this.
    Love, Carolee

  2. Love it, well done Vic

  3. The cover is perfect, and I know Mom, not only approves, but is thrilled with each item that brings this closer to completion. Way to go Vic. A supreme accomplishment and a beautiful act of love and devotion.

  4. I think the cover looks great and I love the title. Nice Job.

  5. April Miller says:

    Beautiful! You have truly captured the essence of Family, Fun, Love and all that is Mom…..kudos, babydoll. I’ve always explained my 30lb. weight gain like this, “Paul is second-generation Sicilian….therefore FOOD = LOVE!!”. I’m loving you, Sis 🙂

  6. I think the cover is fabulous – great photos of you and Mom and your grandparents. The dishes look absolutely scrumptious! Nice going.

  7. kstewart301 says:

    Vic, I think it is perfect in every way. It makes me feel warm and cozy and hungry just to look at it! Love you and the book cover.

  8. Thank you all for you feedback and words of encouragement – it means a lot!

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