Can you say “Index?”

An associate of mine, who used to be in the publishing business, was kind enough to look at the cookbook last week and gave me some great input.  One of the GREAT points she made was that a good index critical.  How did I miss that?  Think about it – when you go looking for a recipe, don’t you go directly to the index?  Sooo, my education continues….  A few more weeks have now been added to the completion date . . I’ll keep you posted on progress.


On another note – Taylor and some friends were home a week ago and we made homemade pizza and antipaso (see photo) – it was great fun!  Discovered a little trick about the dough.  If you use what is called “00” flour, which is made specifically for pizza dough, it stretches better – made rolling much easier!


Make it a great week.


Cook, Eat, Laugh & Love!

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2 Responses to Can you say “Index?”

  1. karimcnickle says:

    Doh! How did we not think of an index?? Good catch by your friend!

  2. Some applications will create the index for you. Of course, then you have to clean it up!

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