Homemade sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

Our garden has blessed us with a TON of fresh tomatoes, and the other day I made a huge pot of sauce with fresh tomatoes (instead of the usual canned).  The flavor of the sauce was amazing (I’m not bragging – I just never realized what a difference fresh tomatoes could make!).  Here are a “tricks” I learned in preparation that really made a difference:


Put small ‘x’ on bottom of tomatoes, place few at a time in boiling water, then take out after about 30 – 45 seconds, then plunge into an ice bath – the skin will come right off

Remove the seeds and juice before making the sauce – the seeds can be a little bitter, and the sauce will cook faster.   I LOVE the sauce making process and the smell of it cooking for hours in my kitchen, so if your like me, fast is not a motivator.

Do you have any “tricks” for making great sauce with fresh tomatoes you’d like to share with us?  Please do….

I’ll be sharing our sauce and all our other wonderful recipes soon – the final proof of the cookbooks is on its way to me this week! 🙂  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Happy fall!

With love,


Here’s to cooking, eating, laughing and loving!

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