The book is back on Amazon

book coverYesterday there was a little glitch on Amazon and some people got a message that my cookbook was not available.  My apologies if this happened to you when trying to make a purchase.  It is now available – click here to get your copy today!

If you have not seen the blurb on the book you can read it here…

Italian for eat, Mangia demonstrates how affection and love is expressed through nurturing meals. All my life I have connected love, meals and family.    Mangia. . . I Love You is the first manifestation of my family’s long tradition of love at the table.    This cookbook/memoir began as a family project and finished as a tribute to my mother who died before the book was published.  It is a poignant reminder how fleeting our family moments are as well as how important.

What are your family memories?  Are you like me, and the smell of cooking, the scents of fine ingredients and kitchen memories transport you right back to the comforts of home? Then you know that the very best things in our lives are close by, there, in the kitchen.  See my story on Amazon

Share Vicki’s story, her family, and her delicious food.  Share Mangia. . . I Love You with those you love and cherish, or those who need a little love.  Then step into the kitchen and create precious memories of your own.

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