Learning from our mistakes…

Yesterday I posted a recipe and picture of Sesame Seed Cookies that I made.  Thank you to all the folks who posted messages of how you enjoy those cookies at the holidays.

When tasting them last night along with the Italian chocolate cookies I’d just finished baking, I noticed they were not as sweet as usual.  This morning I awoke with the answer!  [more…]

It was the butter – I used salted butter instead of unsalted butter – this is a no-no in baking! So if you are baking cookies, or cakes, or pies, or whatever, make sure to use unsalted butter. 🙂

Ugh – I so dislike spending a lot of time on something only to discover it is not right.  Weather cooking or consulting – the final product is what counts.  Soooo – today I will be tossing those five dozen cookies and starting over again.  It will be a long night – but you know what – I’ll be happier and proud of the end results.

Here’s to Cooking, Eating, Laughing and Loving!

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