The Tradition of Holiday Cookies

The mystery is solved! As you may recall, I have been wondering where the tradition of baking cookies at the holidays came from.  After doing some more research I found an answer on the blog of “The Perfectly Imperfect Mom” (love that name).  She explains…


The tradition of the cookie can be traced back to ancient days. Originally when Prussian cooks to the royals needed to test their wood fire ovens before baking a cake, they’d place a small sample of cake batter in the oven. If it cooked quickly enough, the oven was ready. Rather than throw these little cakes out, they caught on as the cookie. 
Cookies quickly became associated with festive, fun occasions. When the cookies came out, it meant there was something special to celebrate. Especially when ingredients like honey, sugar, and spices were at a premium. They’d only be used for the most important “holy days.” Hence, the holidays. People began to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter with cookies spread on their tables as offerings for friends and neighbors.

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Heres to Cooking, Eating, Laughing and Loving!

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