Smells filled with memories…

Bay Bridge 2-20-13

Bay Bridge Photo Taken from the Ferry Building in SF

After finishing my client meeting in San Francisco this evening, I decided to hang in the city for a while until traffic let up. I strolled down to the Ferry Building which is about three blocks away. The Ferry Building is a long narrow building spanning about a city block that hosts an eclectic array of restaurants and fun shops. As I walked into the far entrance, the warm air and smell of freshly baked bread enveloped me. I was instantly transported back to the Italian bakery in Buffalo, NY.  [more…]

On Sunday mornings, my brother Paul and I were allowed to walk down Busty Ave. to the bakery near my grandmother’s house. We loved to fetch the freshly baked bread for dinner. Our mom always gave us a little extra change to buy a dinner roll to share on our way home. The smell and taste of those Italian rolls were to this day, unparalleled. They were crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. 

Paul being a few years older would make sure to watch out for traffic and cars as we walked in our church clothes down the busy street.  When we were about 50 steps from the bakery the smells of bread baking would fill our nostrils, and our tummies would grumble with the anticipation of that warm taste we knew we would devour with nothing but pure joy.    

Any time I smell bread baking, those memories rush back and fill me with the same joy. As I walked into the Ferry Building tonight, I smiled.  For a moment I longed to share this moment with my brother Paul. 

Smells are powerful triggers for rekindling memories. Do you have any food smells that transport you back to times gone by?

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