Black-Eyed Peas – good luck made with love!

Black eyed peasEach year for as long back as I can remember (nearly 30 I think) my dear friend Denny has been brining over black-eyed peas on New Years Eve for us to eat the next day to start off the year with “good luck!”  Denny’s peas were the staple of this food tradition in our home, and when she passed away this year, not only did it break my heart to lose my best friend, it also left a hole in our family tradition.

For the first time this year I made my friends recipe on my own – and while I think my friend Denny would approve of the taste, it is the love she put into it that I miss the most!  I’ve attached Denny’s recipe for Black Eyed Peas here, and hope that 2014 a great year for you and yours!

Here’s to Cooking, Eating, Laughing & Loving!

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