I love leftovers! Often I’ll make extra of whatever we’re having for dinner just so there will be leftovers to eat the next day or freeze for another day. I love giving leftovers to my kids when they come over for dinner. It gives me the opportunity to show love through my food even when I’m not with them!

It also appeals to the economical part of me. The good feeling of having stretched one meal into two. I think this goes back to my childhood when it was a necessity when my mom was trying to feed a family of six.

Reading some of the recipes my grandma used to make, they were often creations of new meals made with leftovers. Also fun to see what you can create, AND, still have it taste good. I’ll confess, I’m not always successful here.

Some people don’t like leftovers. I’m not sure why that is. If your reading this and you are one of those people, will you weigh in in is and share your thoughts on why you don’t like leftovers?

Have an extraordinary day! Here’s to laughing and loving and sharing food from the heart.

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