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Working parents are often moving too quickly to join up with the slow food movement.  But cooking doesn’t need to be a production.  Over the years I discovered that quiet time over any kind of meal connected me with my family and emphasized that it is the love and connection that matters, not baking the perfect soufflé.

I was inspired to collect the family recipes when I realized the traditions and legacies of my family were disappearing before my eyes. My grandparents emigrated from Italy in the late twenties to start a better life for their family, and they succeeded!  This is the story of that life, a life of food, family and love.

To create this book, I collaborated with my mother, a project that drew us even closer. I am honored and privileged to share with you all that I learned about my own family – poured in between the covers of Mangia . . . I Love You.  It broke my heart when mom suddenly passed away mere months before the book was published.

We don’t know when we will lose our loved ones, our life collaborators.  I am grateful I took the time to make this journey with my mom and rescue the family legacy that I now share with you.   This book is dedicated to my mother, Lucy. Mom, I miss you every hour.

Vicki Suiter-McNickle was born and raised in Buffalo, New York as a member of a large extended Italian family.  She now lives in Northern California with husband Tim, and is mother to three wonderful children – Kari, Taylor and Kelsey.  When she is not stuffing cannoli, she is a national speaker, business coach and consultant.

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  1. Dan De Yo says:

    Hi Vicki – You must be so proud. I wish you the best. Take care. Sincerely. Danny De Yo

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